Trail running and running in the Province of Girona.

Hotel Mas Pelegri is owned and run by Girona Cycling S.L. a family sports company. For more details on cycling please click here to visit our Girona Cycling site.

When you are staying at Mas Pelegri, route maps for trail running, GPS downloads for Garmins and emergency back up are included in every stay.

Coaching, guiding and sports massages are available on site.

We offer individual and small group training camps year round from the hotel. Every camp is customised to your requirements. So please let us know how we can help. Trips can be of any length and at any time of the year, subject to availability.

The province of Girona is fantastic for trail running with off road running trails in every direction. You can choose between flat routes, hilly routes, into the volcanic national park, along the river Fluvia. Plus there is a grit track in Banyoles and a 400m tartan track in Olot. There are also many fantastic local events for you to watch or take part in, including the Banyoles half marathon, Banyoles mountain trails events, and many more. It seems there is an event almost every weekend in this area.

Hotel Mas Pelegri has been set up by athletes for the athletes, so you will have everything you need to have an enjoyable stay, including an on site 25 metre pool, on site coach, on site massage therapist, on site guides, large healthy breakfasts and dinners and emergency back up should you have a problem when you are out running. We look forward to looking after you.

If anyone is training for ultra long distance running events we have training routes for you. Past clients have competed in the Marathon de Sables and Leadville Trail.

Trails further afield, include one into the centre of a volcanoes crater which contains a church. There are also beautiful trails into the Pyrenees and along mountain stream valleys and up into the high mountains. There is year roundtrail running, in spring there are the spring flowers and orchids, in summer it is lovely and warm and the mornings and evenings offer the best time for enjoying the countryside, as it gets light early and you can be out until 9 at night. In Autumn the leaves change colour making for beautiful colourful scenery. In winter it is still warm once the sun (1st of Jan has seen highs of 20˚C) comes up and most days are sunny, making for enjoyable trail running.

Hotel Mas Pelegri, Serinyà, 17852 Spain.

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