Ecology and the Environment.

At Mas Pelegri we want to reduce our environmental impact and also strengthen the local economy, so we have put in place the following policies and standards. If you have any other recommendations about how we can improve on this we would be very happy to hear from you.

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Local Economy

Local Produce


At Mas Pelegri we want to reduce our environmental impact and also strengthen the local economy, so we have put in place the following policies and standards. If you have any other recommendations about how we can improve on this we would be very happy to hear from you.

Mas Pelegri has been rebuilt with the environment in mind. The historic house has been rebuilt in the old ways but with added insulation, so it stays warm in winter but cool in Summer. The walls are 60cm thick, so slowly heat up in the Summer and then keep their heat through the winter. This system works really well, so you do not need AC. People are always amazed how cool it is inside during the Summer.

We have shutters fitted to all the windows, so we can shut the shutters in the Summer to prevent the sun warming up the rooms. As the walls are really thick and as we have thought about window placement, this means in the Summer the sun misses the south facing windows due to the sun height, but in the winter can warm up the rooms as the sun is at a lower height and therefore shines in.

We think about the water and power usage and what waste we are producing. We have a solar pool cover and a solar system to heat the outdoor pool reduce water wastage. This means our pool is swimmable from March through to November. All light bulbs are eco and hair dryers are all less than 1kw. We research each product and buy the ones that use the least amount of power but still function well. We run the whole of Mas Pelegri on 4kw, but can up the power automatically for example if everyone was to turn on their hair dryers at the same time. We are off grid, but do not be scared, most people do not even notice.

We plant local plants like olives and lavender that require little watering. We have left the wood at the back of the property that we look after and harvest, but still keep the healthy trees. The harvested wood is then used in the wood burning stoves. We have underfloor heating as in the winter the nights can be a little chilly.

All waste is divided and what can be recycled is recycled.

All of our waste water goes through a septic tank which technically produces drinkable water.

We water our garden from the old "cisternas" which are supplied by rain water from the roof.

For hotel guests we change bed linen and towels mid week. If you require less please let us know, as we like to cut down as much as possible on the water and energy usage.

We use eco cleaning products (Ecover) and refill the soaps and shampoos with eco products.

Our policies also are to strengthen the local economy, so we use local companies for the laundry, garden maintenance, electrician, mechanics, accountants and the local butcher etc.

All taxes are paid here into the Spanish economy. Mas Pelegri is owned by a Spanish registered company, Girona Cycling S.L, run by Fiona & Gareth. We send guests to the local restaurants, bakeries and shops.

We also advertise and support the other local adventure companies in the area. For example we work closely with Fang Aventura (who offer paint balling, quad biking, canyoning and other adventure activities), and Hipica Equinatur (the local horse riding stables that offer horse treks and also riding lessons).

It is important to us that all the local companies thrive and if we can all work together we can provide a good local economy without the need for people to leave the countryside to move to the big cities for work. In doing this we also provide a great service to our clients. So that when they come to Mas Pelegri they can enjoy a variety of activities and have a great service.


Where we can, we buy local in-season produce, so for example Figueres onions and our apples and pears are from local orchards.

We buy local wines and ecological yoghurts. Here they are labelled as zero km. We support the local restaurants, by booking tables for our clients. We send our clients to the best local shops if they require anything and let them know the local market days etc.

We offer good wages to locals and train them. For example we employed a local man and supported him through his studies to become a more qualified sports coach.

We are part of the local community and support the local cycling club with their yearly MTB race and the Gegants (this is a local tradition where at festivals the local Gegants (people wearing huge bodies and heads, to make them look like giants) go and dance and perform.

We also help all visitors with maps and information about everything in the local area, from festivals, local restaurants, to museums, to sites of interest and the times of the local markets etc.

We campaigned with the local community against high voltage power lines being put in the area. The campaign was not completely successful but we did manage to get them moved so as not to disturb as much of the local wildlife. We all offered to club together to pay for them to go underground, but the electrical company said this would set a precedent and would not allow it. Which we find ridiculous. In the end the power company said they would put the line where they wanted it or they would work with the local town councils to come up with the best solution, although they would not bury it. So we did have a small effect, but not the one we wanted.

The MAT (High Tension Power) is a very controversial project here, but it has all been passed in Madrid and Catalunya is very angry.

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