Catalans take food very seriously and they still have their town markets where you can buy all the local produce from the region.

Catalans live their lives around their food, even taking two hours off work in the middle of the day to enjoy their huge lunches.

It is therefore no surprise that Catalonia is now world-renowned for its food and the worlds number one rated restaurant, El Bulli, was located here until it closed. El Cellar de Can Roca is also one of the worlds top restaurants and is 25 mins drive from Mas Pelegri, but you will need to book almost 1 year in advance to reserve a table. There also are a number of fantastic local restaurants where you can get the real flavour of Catalonia. Do not be scared to try pigs cheeks, or black rice or cuttlefish, all of these are fantastic local dishes.

Special diets can be catered for at Mas Pelegri, please let us know when booking your stay so we can make sure we have everything ready for you. We are used to gluten free, non dairy, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, egg free and low sugar. But please let us know exactly what you require. We take food allergies very seriously.

Breakfasts are very important and a range of foods are available, to specifically suit the needs of our healthy and athletic clientele.

Breakfasts include:

  • Cereals including muesli, corn and bran flakes, oats or oatmeal/porridge
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice, tea and coffee.
  • Whole meal and white bread for toast with butter, jams, marmalade and honey.
  • Fresh in season fruit.
  • Freshly made eggs (scrambled, boiled or fried) to order.
  • Natural and fruit yoghurts

Dinners are freshly cooked with fresh local ingredients where possible. As we cook everything from fresh it takes much more time than a usual hotel or restaurant to prepare the food for a meal, so we ask that you let us know at breakfast time or before you arrive if you require dinner each evening and also if you have a special dietary requirement. Our meals are healthy and low in salt and sugar. We can also prepare a picnic lunch as required. We hope you have a fantastic stay at Mas Pelegri.

Hotel Mas Pelegri, Serinyà, 17852 Spain.

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